Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Interview: Lindsey of YummyFitness

Name – Lindsey McGuire

Company – Yummy Fitness

Position – Co-Founder


How long have you been in the wellness field – Fitness and wellness have been part of my life from a very young age, but the bizarre part is that I didn't even know it at the time. In junior high and high school I was extremely active in wrestling and I was also a national level Judo competitor.

I had a ton of fun with those sports and never really thought about how they directly translate to fitness, wellness, weight loss, building muscle, etc. (I now realize and acknowledge the lessons I learned.)

Not realizing that my skills in wrestling and Judo also applied to fitness I began to gain weight after graduating school. My weight soon shot up in rapid fashion. I hated "working out" and diet foods and restrictions were no fun, so it seemed that I was in real big trouble.

Luckily my future husband Sean Bissell and I met. Sean also knew a great deal about nutrition and fitness. Sean's technical approach and my more intuitive knowledge melded together and we almost accidentally came up with a way that made fitness integrate into our lives seamlessly.

Now we try and make nutrition and fitness a part of our lives, instead of making our lives fit around our fitness and nutrition. We tried the other way around for awhile… and that didn't work to well to say the least.

What are your wellness staples – Honestly, having fun is my biggest staple. Having fun could mean running across town for the sake of getting breakfast, or taking a hike instead of a run, or even making sure to "cheat" in a way that works for you, it's all fair game.

How to you keep fit? Do you have a routine?– Routines are no fun, I think you should stay consistent, but routines for me can get very repetitive and boring. When something becomes boring, you lose motivation, and when you lose motivation, you stop… Or you just become miserable, and that defeats the purpose of fitness, which is to feel great in and about yourself.

Do you have any wellness goals? – To make it feel like I'm just living and not working.

What is your wellness motto? – Make your fitness work for you, don't work for your fitness.

Who are your wellness inspirations? – My inspirations are those people who are "naturally" healthy, and that don't need to obsess about their routines. People who have found a way to make fitness integrate into their lives in a way that truly makes them happy.

Piece of advice for those looking to get healthy/fit/well? – Small changes are the best, you don't need to do everything all at once, if you make one small change a day, or even a week then very soon you will be much further ahead than you would have ever thought possible. If you make huge changes all at once then it will be too difficult and feel out of place with your current life. When you change too much too quickly it is motivating for a little while, but when the motivation wears off and when you get tired it will be extremely easy and tempting to quit. And if you quit, you'll never truly get ahead. One of the big "secrets" is small consistent and steady changes is the key to long term, sustainable, and real success.


Jenn said...

Great interview and I totally agree with Lindsay about small changes being the best.

Thanks for hipping me to a new read, Zen Fit Chick! :)

Mark Salinas said...

Very good...nice post!

Angie said...

Great post!

My favorite quote" Now we try and make nutrition and fitness a part of our lives, instead of making our lives fit around our fitness and nutrition."

It is soooooo true!