Friday, September 5, 2008

Trans Fat Truth

Hi Readers,
I just wanted to give a quick label-reading warning to all.

We've all heard about trans fats in the news recently. This is the unhealthy and dangerous fat that's found in many processed foods. Many products are now labeling their trans fat content on their packaging. This seems like a good idea, but is very misleading. These food manufacturers are tricksters.

PLEASE NOTE: The products you see that say 0 Trans fats may not actually be trans fat free!
When you look closely, the 0 Trans fats, actually says: 0g Trans fat. Meaning zero grams. However, there may be several miligrams of trans fats in the food.

To check if a food is truly trans fat free, look at the ingredient listing. If you see Partially Hydrogenated oils of any kind...STAY AWAY!

Check your cupboards when you can and let me know what products you find that say 0g trans fats, but contain partially hydrogenated oils. Leave me an email or a comment, I'd like to put together a list of those tricky products to help make more people aware.

(Thank you for your message Tanya)


Jenn said...

Good point! The Nestle Rich Chocolate hot cocoa mix packets at my work are a culprit. 0 grams of trans fats it says, but partially hydrogenated conconut) is the third ingredient listed! Catcha!!!

Sean said...

Trans fats are scary!!

I know it sounds a little melodramatic but... trans fats almost killed me. Literally.

I always enjoy anyone bringing more awareness to the trans fats issue.

Thanks for helping raise awareness to this issue.

If you'd like to hear my close call with trans fats you can read about it here:

Anonymous said...

JIF PB (crunchy) has "fully hydrogenated" oil in it... but 0 trans fat listed. i was confused about the "fully" part if it was still trans fat...

Angie said...

Great warning! Labels are so misleading sometimes and if people are not made aware, they would never know the difference!

susan said...

The funny thing about trans fats is it now also has the opposite effect. Foods like bread and Cheetos are advertising no trans fats.

Many times more help is needed. Trying a natural appetite suppressant can help take the edge off of hunger. Make sure to choose one without mega doses of stimulants or high sugar content, which can be just as bad as trans fats.