Monday, August 18, 2008

10 Ways To Stay Motivated

Whether you’re trying to stick to a clean eating diet, or be consistent with your fitness routine, at some point your motivation levels will start to slump. Whether it be a plateau, the looming holidays or just monthly hormones. Below are ten great ways to stay motivated.
  1. Log Your Progress – keeping a journal is of utmost importance when maintaining a fitness regimen. It needn’t be overly detailed, but specifics would help when looking back at your progress for motivation. Keep track of what matters most to you, and what you’ll stick to… whether it’s pounds lost or inches.
  2. Use Visual Aids – keep inspirational photos posted in highly visible areas. These can be celebs who’s bodies you admire, or photos of you at your healthiest. Conversely you could post up an undesirable body to spur you into action as well.
  3. Find Inspiration – read stories of people who lost great amounts of weight, or maybe speak to that person in the gym who’s body you admire. Inspiration may be that older person you see at the gym diligently working out or watching children run around playing excitedly with their boundless natural energy.
  4. Have a Sponsor – Is there a friend or family member you can talk to when feeling de-motivated? It’s great to have a go-to person who knows your fitness goals that will give you the encouragement you need when motivation is low.

  5. Update your goals – if you’ve reached a plateau, go over your goal list and see what you can alter to get started again. Making higher level goals will re-energize you and set you on your way again.
  6. Buy clothes in your goal size – This will help you get back on track. Hang up those ‘goal jeans’ to inspire you to get moving and go back to the gym.
  7. Jazz Up your routine – boredom is a motivation zapper. Change your routine every few months to keep you excited about your workouts. Try a new class or run a new route at the very least.
  8. Keep Good Company – Do you have a gym buddy? Are your friends active and into wellness? Finding like-minded pals will keep you motivated. Friendly competition never hurt anybody.
  9. Be a Mentor – It will be hard for you to lack motivation if it’s your job to motivate someone else! Recruit a friend to help get in shape, this will keep you accountable as well.
  10. Treat Yourself – You deserve a reward for your efforts! (in addition to the healthy and fit body you’re working towards) Treat yourself to a new outfit in your smaller size, or bargain with yourself… “If I go to the gym every day this week, I will give myself a ____.”
Hopefully one of these items resonates with you. Get off your butt! Get back in action! Stay motivated and stay healthy.

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DG said...

A couple years ago, when I broke 200 lbs, I put myself on a diet and exercise program, which turned into training for a half marathon, which turned into running a full marathon.
I second suggestions number 1 and 5. I started out with no goals, and turned it into running the half, and then the marathon which kept me focused. I also uploaded my run data from my Garmin 305 to the computer, and tracked it week by week. I logged my total mileage for the week, longest run, and average pace each week and graphed it in Excel. This was a huge motivator for me to see the mileage go up, and the pace come down. I also sent it to my friends who helped by being supportive. By the end of the marathon I'd dropped from 205 -> 160 and went from running 2 miles at 13+ minutes to a 4.5hr marathon.