Monday, August 25, 2008

INTERVIEW: Fayzah of DanceSpiral





How long have you been in the wellness field?

For about a decade, through DJing and Dancing: teaching & performing. Some concepts that I teach in classes include awakening different parts of the body, (which can release emotional blockages), training the muscles, stretching elasticity, letting go, & embodying natural & graceful movements of animals.

What are your wellness staples?

Meditation, creating & being around positive energy, listening to good music, partner synergy in dance, expressing music through dance movements, & living creatively. How do you keep fit (routine?) – dancing, teaching classes, rehearsing, climbing subway stairs in NYC, staying active, & eating well.

Do you have any wellness goals?

To maintain a relaxed & strong mind, that is happy to be in this world and have fun in it.

What is your wellness motto?

"There's nothing more attractive than a relaxed person"

Who are your wellness inspirations?

Several of my close friends, & sometimes people that I don't expect to be. It changes, but generally has to do with people in my life, and the way they are choosing to live their lives at the moment, or way they are responding to obstacles.

Do you have a piece of advice for those looking to get healthy/fit/well?

Come take my class! Or a dance class which resonates with you.

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