Saturday, August 16, 2008

20 Quick & Easy Snacks

It’s been hours since lunch…. And it’s even longer ‘til dinner….. You’re tummy is talking to you…. What do you do? To your right….your coworker has M&Ms on her desk….to your left looms the dreaded vending machine!
Avoid that vending machine like the plague! Those Oreos won’t do anyone any good.
Here are some diet-friendly snacks that are quick, easy and will satiate you until dinnertime:
  1. yogurt – low fat/low sugar
  2. string cheese – it’s not just for kids
  3. an apple (with peanut butter if you’re feeling frisky)
  4. mini box of raisins
  5. a serving of crackers with nut butter
  6. crackers with cheese
  7. whole wheat toast with nut butter
  8. a cup of chocolate milk (yes!)
  9. a big handful of grapes
  10. a banana
  11. prepackaged 100 cal snack (sometimes)
  12. cottage cheese (snack-pack sized)
  13. fat free jello
  14. small serving of pretzels and handful of almonds
  15. handful of dried fruits (make sure your brand isn’t sugar laden)
  16. protein shake (made with water or fatfree milk)
  17. two nectarines
  18. prepackaged apple sauce
  19. sliced peppers and hummus (check the label of your favorite brand)
  20. big handful of baby carrots

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