Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quick Tip Sundays - The TV Workout

Sucked into 'Must See TV?' That doesn't mean you can't work out!

Today's quick tip:

Work Out While Watching Television!

You can get a total body workout during your favorite one-hour program!

- do as many crunches as you can during one commercial break
- do pushups during the next commercial break
- do standing lunges during the third break
- do jumping jacks during the fourth
- jog in place for the remaining commercial breaks and stretch out during the credits of the following show :)

You can also play a game with whatever show you're watching.

For example:
- do 10 pushups when a certain character comes on the screen
- do 10 crunches when a character says their 'catch phrase'

A good friend of mine marches in place while she watches Jeopardy with her husband. (She says it helps her think of the answers faster!) My personal technique is riding my stationary bike fast and furious during the commercial breaks of my favorite shows.

Remember, fitness should never be a chore. Make it fun!

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