Tuesday, August 26, 2008

5 Quick Ways to Increase Your Energy Level

Caffeine is the instinctual go-to item we reach towards when energy sags. Low energy also leads us to snack on unhealthy items. Keeping your energy up can be difficult with the increasing demands on us each day, but there are many easy lifestyle changes you can make to help keep your energy up or increase your current energy level So, put down the coffee and try one of these five helpful tips.

1. Turn on the lights: Immediately turn the lights on or open the blinds when you wake up. Bright light is instantly invigorating.

2. Always eat breakfast: Start your day with a bang. Healthy protein-rich breakfasts will give you energy for your day.

3. Don’t smoke: Or Quit Smoking. You need loads of oxygen for energy and smoking deprives you of this.

4. Do Morning Exercises: Exercising in the morning helps you wake up and say goodbye to grogginess

5. Eat Fiber Rich Foods: Foods containing lots of fiber will give you long lasting energy, you may actually make it to lunch without a cup of coffee!

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