Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ask ZenFitChick - Q&A

This is a question sent in yesterday by a ZenFitChick reader named Christie:

I was wondering...I'm 5'11 and 245 lbs and would like to lose 82 (I good weight for me is 163). What is a realistic time frame to lose that kind of weight? Does it solely depend on how much exercise I do and how clean I eat?

First off, thank you so much for reading ZenFitChick and I appreciate you taking the time to write in!

Okay, so for weight loss it will depend on the amount of cardio you do and what you're eating.
Weight training is great and good to do, but for fat loss cardio/diet is the most important.

If you stay diligent with your cardio and get your diet under control you'll probably lose 2lbs a week for a while, then 1lb a week and 1/2 lb a week thereafter. (the bigger we are, the more calories we burn through exercise)
Start doing cardio!!! Try to just get in the habit of doing cardio daily, before you start to make other changes. I recommend to people who want to lose: start cardio daily, keep your diet moderately the same but just switch out everything u drink with plain water (or water w/ lemon) this will slash crazy amounts of calories without you having to 'diet'
Just this one simple step for a month is a good beginning... the second month you can ramp up your cardio so u don't get bored, and start making diet changes.

Some people are diligent dieters though, if you're one of those people, I'd suggest getting a quality meal plan made. If you want to try both diet/exercise all at once (at times this is a recipe for disaster due to high expectations and high failure rate / burnout) then definitely do cardio daily for AT LEAST 30 mins, switch all drinks for water, and begin having big breakfasts, medium sized lunches and small dinners.

One of my clients has actual full "dinnertime" meals for breakfast, a typical "lunch" in the afternoon, and "breakfast" for dinner... We just did what worked well for her.

I hope this is a helpful response for you... I can't give you a definite timeframe for weight loss. If i were your trainer and was consistently working with you and monitoring your diet I could, but this is just general with the stats you gave me.

IF you take only one thing away from this: DO CARDIO DAILY for at least 30 mins and watch the weight go bye-bye.

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Terry said...

Love your blog!! thanks for this post. I always try to diet and exercise at once and end up quitting soon because it's too hard. I'll try taking it step by step now